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True or false test:

Proszę określić, czy zdania są prawdziwe, czy fałszywe, zaznaczając odpowiedni kwadrat "true" (prawdziwe) lub "false" (fałszywe). Każda prawidłowa odpowiedź to 1 punkt, nieprawidłowa lub brak odpowiedzi to 0 punktów.

    • 1. Berlin is a small country.

    • 2. There are seven letters in the word "radio".

    • 3. The opposite of "first" is "last".

    • 4. We eat breakfast in the evening.

    • 5. A mouse is a big animal.

    • 6. Knives and forks are made of metal.

    • 7. People are happy when they sleep badly.

    • 8. It`s necessary to pay when we buy something in a shop.

    • 9. It`s easy to drive on a foggy day.

    • 10. A horse is stronger than an elephant.

    • 11. Diet and exercise are important if you want to be healthy.

    • 12. We wouldn`t be in danger if this building were in flames.

    • 13. People can change the laws of nature.

    • 14. Kind people have a lot of enemies.

    • 15. When you want to buy something, it`s good to compare different products before choosing one.

    • 16. "Sidewalk" and "pavement" both mean the same thing.

    • 17. A flatmate is a person who works with us in the same corporation.

    • 18. A commuter is a person who travels long distances to work every day.

    • 19. Some people are superstitious about walking under a ladder.

    • 20. "I would have got injured if I had been with them in the car" means that I was injured in a car crash.

    • 21. You can book a hotel room if there are no vacant rooms.

    • 22. You teeth will decay if you neglect to brush them.

    • 23. Greedy people are seldom satisfied with what they get.

    • 24. A person who remains unconscious after an accident shouldn`t be moved.

    • 25. In some countries the law recognizes smacking a child as assault.

    • 26. A child`s health is a common anxiety of a parent.

    • 27. We get rough winds in a mild climate.

    • 28. The opposite of "tough" is "tender".

    • 29. The stroke of lightning comes before the thunder.

    • 30. Light bulbs often need replacement.

Multiple choice test:

Proszę wybrać prawidłową odpowiedź. Każda prawidłowa odpowiedź to 1 punkt, nieprawidłowa lub brak odpowiedzi to 0 punktów.

    • 31. Am I ... the window? A) open
      B) closing
      C) close

    • 32. ... you have a red box? A) Does
      B) Do
      C) Are

    • 33. ... like your town? A) You
      B) You do
      C) Do you

    • 34. Are there ... students in the classroom? A) any
      B) some
      C) a

    • 35. I can ... somebody in the corridor. A) to hear
      B) hearing
      C) hear

    • 36. A train is ... than a car. A) heaviest
      B) heavier
      C) lighter

    • 37. ... you at school yesterday? A) Was
      B) Are
      C) Were

    • 38. When ... World War Two start? A) did
      B) do
      C) was

    • 39. I will cook soup if you ... some meat and vegetables. A) will buy
      B) buy
      C) buying

    • 40. I have ... to New York twice. A) been
      B) be
      C) doing

    • 41. If you ... me a thousand pounds, I would be happy. A) offered
      B) would offer
      C) will offer

    • 42. She may ... everything. A) saying
      B) to say
      C) say

    • 43. You can`t buy many things if you have too ... money. A) little
      B) a little
      C) few

    • 44. My parents were ... the flat on Saturday evening. A) cleaned
      B) cleaning
      C) clean

    • 45. Computers are ... in most offices. A) using
      B) use
      C) used

    • 46. It is worth making the ... to learn a foreign language. A) trial
      B) attempt
      C) try

    • 47. Some people often try to ... their problems instead of solving them. A) dry
      B) sink
      C) drown

    • 48. He was really ... after having cycled uphill for 30 minutes. A) exhausted
      B) exhausting
      C) tiring

    • 49. "You musn`t put it here" He ... me to put it here. A) advised
      B) ordered
      C) forbade

    • 50. The city officials want to reduce ... by encouraging drivers to use the public transport. A) exhaust fumes
      B) acid rains
      C) ozone layer

    • 51. He cancelled the reservation at ... notice and had to pay the whole amount. A) postponed
      B) late
      C) short

    • 52. Susan has been ... from work for spoiling their customer`s satisfaction. A) dismissed
      B) left
      C) sending

    • 53. They were refused ... to the club as they were under age. A) entrance
      B) exit
      C) admission

    • 54. It is high time Tom ... something about this attitude towards other drivers. A) did
      B) do
      C) done

    • 55. We will start looking for a new flat to rent as soon as we ... the old one. A) will have sold
      B) will sell
      C) sell

    • 56. According to the law, a person is assumed innocent until ... guilty. A) proved
      B) proven
      C) proof

    • 57. Is "acquire" the synonym of ...? A) gain
      B) exact
      C) retail

    • 58. The company sells furniture designed to be ... at home. A) assembled
      B) put up
      C) built

    • 59. A first-... kit is an essential piece of equipment in a vehicle. A) help
      B) aid
      C) treatment

    • 60. They tried to stop their dog from ... at the table. A) begging
      B) wagging
      C) bursting

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